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Chandigarh Bird Park – A New Attraction in Tricity

Located in the Nagar van area, Sector-1, near sukhna lake, Chandigarh Bird Park is a new tourist attraction in the Tricity area. It was inaugurated by Smt. Samita Kovind, Honourable first lady of India on 16th November 2021. You all know, at that time we all were stuck in our homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, I didn’t get a chance to visit there. So as of now, when the situation is getting normal, I decided to visit Chandigarh Bird Park with my friends, namely Rohit and Atul.

Don’t forget to Check out the video about Chandigarh Bird Park, the link given below-

On 19th May, after attending class, we all decided to visit there.

It was a hot summer day.

However, Atul bro was not ready to visit as it was too hot to go there.

But, we made him understand and he decided to visit with us.

We all rushed together towards parking to get into Rohit’s car.

It was a time 2’o clock.

I don’t know, what Rohit and atul were thinking of during that time.

But I was feeling so relaxed.

Traveling in a car with full volume up is such a vibe.

In just 20 minutes, we reached there.

We didn’t know much about the bird park as all of us are neither hard-core bird lovers nor have any knowledge about them.

But one thing we were having in our mind was that we are going to learn as much as we can, from this visit.


Located behind the iconic sukhna lake, Chandigarh Bird Park was looking grand and astonishing. As soon as we entered, there was parking for all vehicles. It was neither too big nor small. After parking our car, we were ready to enter in it.

Chandigarh Bird Park

At the entrance, there was big green gate, which welcomes all visitors.

After entering, there was big area which was fully nature preserved. There were different types of trees, plants, and flowers all over it.

Honestly, I became so happy at that time. In my busy schedule, I didn’t get time to spend time with nature. It was a breath of fresh air and, moreover, the shadows of all the big trees were giving a very warm air to us. For a second, I feel that we’ve come into heaven.

Apart from this, on the right side of us, we witnessed one board on which it was written that the ticket counter is on this way.

More, we were going closer to ticket counter, more, we were letting ourselves to enjoy life.

Pre gardens and attractions-

Before the entrance of main bird park, there were many pre-gardens. On our right and left side, huge vatikas, inspired by Ramayana, were set up as a garden for sitting and chilling. The feeling of a hilly area was all over the place.

We were excited to see birds but couldn’t stop ourselves to explore these little vatikas, namely nakshatra Vatika, navgraha vatika and rashi vatika, too.

Chandigarh Bird Park

There were also big boards outside each vatikas that tells us about their symbolism and inspiration.

Ticket Counter and Entry Fees-

After walking for few meters, on our right side, there was a ticket counter in the shape of a very intimate forest-type house.

 In front of it, there was a big board on which ticket prices were written and also the timing for a visit.

Chandigarh Bird Park

 Winged Wonders ( Tamed section ) is a special section where visitors are welcomed to have close interactions with birds.

By the way, it’s not free.

So, we have to deposit an additional 100 INR to get access to it..

1.For Adults (Indian)50 INR
2.For Tamed Section (winged Wonders)100 INR
3.For Children below the age of 12 yrs30 INR
4.For Foreigners100 INR

Timing– 10 am to 6 pm, closed on Monday and Tuesday.

So, at the end, we all paid 150 rupees, each, 50 rupees for entry and additional 100 rupees for the tamed section.

After taking our tickets, we were damn excited to get into it.

Main entrance-

By turning our heads toward the main bird park, we witnessed a big entrance.

It was a big fairly-tale type of gate, fully made up of tree branches.

Therefore, I was feeling like I’m going to enter the Hogwarts school in the harry potter series.

If you don’t know, I’m a big harry potter fan. I’ve watched all parts of the franchise.

Okay, entertainment, apart, by walking 50-100 meters after crossing the gate. However, there were two different chambers, full of different species of birds in it. In addition, chambers were fully closed with glasses with which we can see through it.

Moreover, water and food were present in the chambers for birds in an artificial environment.  

It was giving the feeling of the trailer before watching a movie.

Main Park-

First Chamber-

After watching a trailer, we were damn excited about it. A few steps toward, the first chamber was there to impress us.

Outside of it, one staff member was present to check a ticket for every visitor. After checking, we entered inside through the Ali Baba Cave-inspired gate, which was fully made up of hanging metal ropes. In addition, little water was present at the bottom of it.

It was giving us the feeling that we are going to enter in a different world.

And we surely entered a different world, we came inside and I just can’t tell you how beautiful all this was.

As you can see in a video, greenery was all over the place and different birds and swans were roaming inside the water.

It was nothing less than heaven.

my dear friend, Rohit was so busy in taking his selfies and photos.

It seemed like, he wants to pose with every background in it.

Nothing weird, because this section was so pleasing to the eyes.

Beautiful bridges, little eye-pleasing waterfall, exotic birds, and spectacular views were forcing us to stay there for a long time.

one board was set up in this section which tells us about the names of the birds, present there. African Love birds, White Swans, were a few of them.

Second Chamber in Chandigarh Bird Park

After the astonishing first Chamber, it was the time of the second chamber.

Again, the beautiful Ali Baba-inspired entrance welcomed us.

When we entered the second Chamber, again, the feeling of Hogwarts was coming all over it. Many birds were flying from one place to another. Therefore, I was feeling like, I’m going to learn Witchcraft and wizardry from here.

It was magical and dreamy.

In addition, one joint family was also there. They made me, a bit emotional at that time. I was missing my family, too. For the past two months, I’m living in Chandigarh and haven’t visited them.

But then, Rohit was asking to take a group selfie, which made me a little happier.

I was happy that my loyal friends are there to give a shoulder to my emotional side.

Okay, apart from my sad little life.

This section was full of exotic birds, namely, Yellow Pheasant, Green Wing Macon, Blue Gold Macon, African Grey Parrot, and Rainbow Lorikeets.

I don’t know, but, I and Rohit were clicking so many pictures of Rainbow Lorikeets. That bird was so colorful and eye-pleasing.

And, our dear Atul bro was busy in his world. If you don’t know, he is an introverted personality and a bit weird, in a good way.

but, we like him , the way he is.

Third Chamber in Chandigarh Bird Park

Now, it was time for a climax.

I mean, last chamber- winged wonders.

We all were so excited for this one as, at the ticket counter, staff members were talking so much about this. Again, we have to give a proof of ticket, outside the chamber.

as soon as, we entered, we witnessed an amazing little bird.

They were huge and so beautiful.

Then, a staff member called us to step forward and hold a bird in our arms. firstly, Atul was called to do this, and man, he was so nervous. But he did it so smoothly and the bird was also looking comfortable with him.

I and Rohit were jokingly saying that this is the first time that any living being is feeling comfortable with him.

Thank god, he didn’t listen to us, otherwise, we were going to be in trouble.

after that, our playboy, Rohit, steps forward to hold that bird in his arm. he was looking so confident, but as soon as he hold it in his arms, he was shaking miserably. but, in the end, he did it.

lastly, it was my turn, I was nervous too.

but, I did it, unexpectedly. I just can’t show you our photos as most of our expressions are so dull and bad.

And my friends warned me, not to share any photos.

but, I can show you my arm on which bird was sitting.

Overall, it was a good experience to have a little interaction with birds.

Cafeteria in Chandigarh Bird Park-

After exit, from this.

There was a little intimate cafeteria in it. it was sweet, dreamy, clean, and a little expensive too.

I mean, samosa was priced as 30 INR in it.

but we had no chance so we ordered some beverages and snacks.

The menu was broad, offering Indian lunch types, snacks, cookies, coffee, tea, and much more.

Back To Car –

after filling our stomachs, we came back to the car. we were so happy that we made a plan to visit here.

it was feeling like, we’d come back from heaven.

don’t know about my friends, but for me, it was so important to spend some with nature and birds and Chandigarh Bird Park fulfilled this.

We also argued how it is so important to preserve our environment and birds. normally, people talk about technology and its advantages but time by time, we are forgetting that it is so important to protect nature and other living birds too.

Chandigarh Bird Park, not only forces people to love birds and the environment but also, provides a model for a new generation to do something for birds and the environment.

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Chandigarh Bird Park – A New Attraction in Tricity


Chandigarh Bird Park – A New Attraction in Tricity


Chandigarh Bird Park – A New Attraction in Tricity


Chandigarh Bird Park – A New Attraction in Tricity

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Chandigarh Bird Park – A New Attraction in Tricity